Today Pablo Sansalvador (a good friend and dancer and choreographer from Moving Rhizomes e.V) visited me to do a portrait shooting with him using my old large format plate camera.

The plan for the future is to use it with wet plates but till then I use the great Harman Direkt Positiv paper.

It´s a heavy baryt paper with a very nice glossy surface. Normally I prefer silk or pearl surfaces, but this paper could change my point of view on this.

Harman Direkt Positiv paper means ISO 3. Yes ISO 3, but this will be a good training for the workflow with collodion wet plates.

And with aperture 9 on the lens we had a time of 20 seconds to sit completly still for Pablo.

But Pablo was a perfect model and the result was great.

After doing the tests and main shoots with the plate camera we did some fun shoots with a Holga camera also using the Harman Paper.

We enjoyed the work and love the results.

Here are some impressions to share with you…



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